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Although our knowledge base is huge there are many relationships and meanings of words that are missing. Please help us to make all our services better by filling in the gaps when you notice them!

What you add here will be instantly available to our Clue Solver tool (in almost all cases where it cannot solve a clue it is due to missing knowledge). It will also appear in the Crossword Dictionary and added lexicon entries will be used in the lookup tools.

Knowledge you add will go immediately in the master database and will immediately improve what you can do on our site. For example, you can try to solve a clue, add knowledge, return to the Clue Solver tool and re-solve the clue with the results immediately improved. It will also become available to other users of the site via a slightly more involved approval process thus resulting in our tools improving for everyone over time!

There are various types of knowledge that can be added. Please select which one you want to do:

  • Word translation Use this to add a translation between one word or phrase and another. This is usually a definition or crossword answer. (e.g. "river" -> "Euphrates"). It can also be a substitution used within the wordplay of a cryptic crossword. (e.g. "direction" -> "SE")
  • Cryptic Crossword Indicator Use this to add anagram indicators or any of the more than forty other types of cryptic indicator we have identified. These will be used by Clue Solver and displayed in the Crossword Dictionary.
  • Lexicon entry Use this to add missing words and phrases that could be answers to crossword clues to our lexicon. These additions will also be used by the Clue Solver, anagram and letter pattern tools.
  • Definitional hint Use this to add words that are associated with possible answers but which don't necessarily directly define them. These are used by the Clue Solver tool to find answers to cryptic and non-cryptic clues.
  • Homophone Expand our list of "sound like" possibilities. e.g. "aloud" -> "allowed". These are used for cryptic crossword solving when the wordplay indicates it.
  • Link These are words or phrases in cryptic crosswords which can validly join the definition part of the clue to the subsidiary indication (or a second definition). Please add when the explanation in the Clue Solver tool appears to indicate it is missing.
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