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About us

crosswordtools.com is an online collection of fantastic, artificial intelligence tools related to crosswords and recreational wordplay of all kinds!

The site is owned and operated by Genius 2000 Ltd. If you have any suggestions, comments or additional tools that would fit well here, please Contact Us

We wish to make it clear that although we host solvers for two games similar to those played on UK television's Countdown, we have no association with the show, the production company or Channel 4. Countdown is a trademark of Yorkshire Television Ltd.

The dictionary definition lookup service on this site is provided by the excellent site onelook.com. We wish to make it clear that although we have an agreement with them to provide this service, they are a completely independent business and website from us. Questions about onelook.com should be directed to them. Questions about crosswordtools.com should be directed to us.

Thank you to Chris 'Crispy' Philpot for permission to use the image of him appearing on the Countdown television show as the icon for the Numbers Game and Letters Game solvers. His website chrisphilpot.co.uk includes a detailed account of his television appearance and is well worth a visit.

Use of this site is subject to our Terms and Conditions

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