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Respecting the privacy and wishes of our users is important to us. This policy lists what we do with any personal information that we collect. If you have any questions, please email support@crosswordtools.com

The information we collect and what we do with it

Most of the personal information we collect is the information you provide us when you:
(1) Sign up as a member of the site.
(2) Subscribe to one of our mailing lists.
(3) Use the services on the site.

We will not sell, rent, barter or give away any personally identifiable information to any third party (by "third party" we mean any business, organisation or individual that is separate from the business that owns the crosswordtools.com website). We especially understand the problem of unsolicited email and under no circumstances will we sell, rent or give away the email addresses of our users to any third party, whether they can be identified with an individual or not.

If you have provided us with your email address we may use it to keep you up-to-date with news related to this site. If you would prefer to receive no email updates then please update your preferences to reflect this and we will not email you with news.

Apart from updating you with news we may use the information we collect to improve the performance of our services, to tailor what is presented to you according to your usage patterns and to impose and police any limits which we set on use of the services on our site.


Third parties may be used for some associated services with the site. For example, we may use a third-party credit card processing company to handle your credit card transactions. In order for them to do their job some of your information (such as your address) will need to be shared with these companies. We will only share personal information with these companies to the extent necessary for them to do their job and these companies do not use personally identifiable information obtained this way for any secondary purpose.

Third-party contractors

We may use third-party contractors to improve our website and do other work related to our business. We will only give them access to personal customer data if it is strictly necessary for the task they are performing and only then after they have made a contractual undertaking to keep this information confidential.


We use cookies for a number of purposes including identifying you to the site, tracking your usage of the site, tracking who referred you to the site for marketing reasons and keeping track of your settings and preferences. Cookies are part of the way we collect the information described above and the information so collected is subject to the same policy of use as described above.

Data Security

We place a high priority on keeping personal information secure from unauthorised access. Precautions used include (but are not limited to) firewalls to protect online access to data, SSL for some especially sensitive information such as credit card numbers and managing physical access to our computer hardware (locks etc.) We review our security precautions periodically and will implement additional measures as we need them.


The internet is changing rapidly and it is impossible for anyone to predict the future and what issues will arise as internet technology and culture develops. As a result this privacy policy is likely to change from time to time. A current version of our privacy policy will always be present at this location and we will continue to respect the wishes and concerns of our visitors.

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