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Example: The word 'Britain' in a clue could translate to the letters 'GB' since 'GB' is the abbreviation for 'Great Britain'. The word 'river' could become 'Euphrates' as the Euphrates is the name of a river in Asia and a possible answer to any clue where the definition is 'river'.

If your entry needs explaining, please write a few words giving the reason. e.g. To explain the translation 'sailor' -> 'RM' you might say 'abbreviation for Royal Marine'. If the translation is obvious, please leave the explanation blank.

Please check your entry carefully before clicking 'Add Knowledge'. What you type will be added to our knowledge base immediately.


For the explanation please use partial sentences, minimal punctuation and lowercase letters wherever possible. What you write will always be displayed in brackets. Please also use single quotes (') rather than double quotation marks.

Please also be concise. e.g. To explain 'unknown quantity' -> 'y' please say 'algebra' not 'x and y are common variables for unknown values in algebraic equations'

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