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Add Definitional Hint

This is for words or phrases which although they don't define an answer are very likely to appear in a definition for that answer. For example, the word spanish is not a definition for the drink Sangria but is likely to appear in a non-cryptic clue (or definition part of a cryptic clue) when Sangria is the answer.

If the word you are giving is a definition for the answer, please use the Add translation tool instead.

For this tool, you are allowed to enter multiple hints and/or multiple answers separated by commas. Each hint will then be paired with each answer. This is useful for covering the various parts of speech of the hints and answer. For example, for skywriting (writing advertising in the sky with smoke) you might enter:
as the hint and ...
as the answer.

The hint word(s) or phrase(s):

Please leave the explanation blank if in doubt.

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